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romantic voices

The terms used in love

Friendship : Solid foundation of romantic love.

Love : The origin of the term “love” dates back to Latin. The word “amor” in Latin means “love” or “affection”.

Support : Being there to support each other.

Harmony : Balance and peace in coexistence.

Attraction : Magnetic force that brings two people together.

Authenticity : Being yourself without fear of judgement.

Adventure : Exploring life together.

Celebration : Honoring each other’s successes and victories.

Complicity : Deep and shared understanding.

Compromise : Finding a balance between wants and needs.

Sharing : Hearts that merge.

Curiosity : Keep alive the desire to get to know others.

Dialogue : Open and honest communication.

Here I am : A sincere stand alongside

Eros : in the Greek tradition he is the god of love and romantic passion. [    ]

Charm : Magnetic attraction that persists over time.

Loyalty : Commitment to being loyal and dedicated.

Generosity : Giving without expecting anything in return.

Kindness : Showing affection through thoughtful gestures.

Mutual Commitment : Constant collaboration to grow the relationship.

Ineffable : Indescribable emotions.

Intimacy : Deep physical and emotional connection.


Emotional Bond : Deep connection that overcomes challenges.

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Magic : Mysterious element that makes the relationship unique. [    ]

Magical gaze : Wordless communication through the eyes.

Helping hand : Offering support in difficult times.

Emotional maturity : Growing together emotionally over time. [    ]

Peace : Tranquility and serenity in the heart of love.

Passion : Fire that lights the relationship.

Forgiveness : Ability to overcome mistakes and imperfections.

Mutual Protection : Create a safe environment for each other.

Promises kept : Consistency in honoring commitments made.

Reward : Feeling that love is a precious gift.

Keepsake : Collecting precious moments together.

Redefining : Adapting and growing together over time.

Laughter : Contagious joy that strengthens the bond.

Respect : Consideration for another’s feelings and choices.

Sacrifice : Readiness to give up for the good of another.

Discovery : discovering new sides of your partner

Serendipity : Discovering love in an unexpected and fortunate way. [ … ]

Sensitivity : Empathy and mutual understanding.

Shared solitude : Comfort in being together even in silence.

Surprise : Make every day special with unexpected gestures.

Tender : Delicate feeling.

Tolerance : Acceptance of differences.

Transparency : Openness and clarity in communications.

Vulnerability : Strength in opening up to others.

Zeal : Dedication and constant attention.

Zingarata : Romantic and unpredictable adventure.

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The word “Eros” has a root in Greek mythology and is associated with one of several deities of love. Eros, in Greek tradition, is the god of love and romantic passion. His figure is often represented as a winged youth, armed with a bow and arrow, who shoots arrows of love to influence people’s hearts.

The modern use of the word “Eros” can refer to romantic and sensual love, often in contrast to other types of love such as filial love (storge), friendship (philia), and unconditional love or charity ( agape), concepts that were distinct in ancient Greek philosophy and theology.

Furthermore, the word “eros” has been incorporated into the language of psychology. In Freudian theory, “eros” represents the vital instinct or life force, which includes sexual energy and the desire for union and connection between individuals.

In general, the term “eros” is often used to describe romantic and passionate love, with particular attention to the physical and sensual component of relationships.


Infinity is a philosophical and mathematical concept that indicates the absence of limit, measure or end. It can be considered as a notion without boundaries or restrictions. The term “infinity” is used in different contexts and disciplines, taking on slightly different meanings depending on the context:

  1. Mathematics:  In mathematics, infinity represents a quantity that exceeds any finite number, without limits. There are different types of infinity, such as accounting infinity and non-accounting infinity, which are used to describe different mathematical concepts.
  2. Philosophy:  In philosophy, infinity can be considered as a metaphysical concept that transcends limitation and finiteness. It can be associated with ideas of eternity, absoluteness and totality.
  3. Common Language:  In common language, the infinitive can be used more broadly to express something that is vast, limitless, or endless. For example, we could talk about infinite love to indicate a love without limits or infinite possibilities to indicate an enormous number of options.

In general, infinity is a concept that surpasses any limited measurement or definition, representing a concept without defined boundaries or limits.


Magic, in its romantic and dreamy context, can be described as the enchanted art of transforming reality through the use of mysterious and arcane forces.

It is an  intertwining of powers  that lie beyond rational understanding, a ballet  between the visible and the invisible , the tangible and the intangible.

In this scenario, magic is  more than just the practice of spells and rituals ; it is the invocation of deep and mysterious feelings that reside in the heart and soul.

It is the ability to create extraordinary connections and see  the invisible in everyday life .

Magic is a symphony of emotions. It is the strength that lies behind a delicate touch, an enigmatic smile or a passionate gaze. It is the whisper of the trees that speak in secret languages.

In its deepest meaning, romantic magic is the poetry of life, an invitation to believe in the unexpected, to dream beyond the ordinary and to see the enchantment in the simplest details. It is the art of creating wonder and  rediscovering beauty  in the ordinary, transforming every day into a page of an enchanted book.

Affective maturity

Emotional maturity refers to an individual’s emotional growth and development over time. It involves the  ability to manage and understand one’s emotions , as well as the ability to establish and maintain emotionally healthy relationships with others.

Growing together emotionally implies that, in a relationship, both people are maturing and developing their understanding and management of emotions simultaneously. This may include the ability to communicate effectively,  deal with emotional challenges  , and support each other through life experiences.

Affective maturity requires self-awareness, empathy, tolerance and the ability to adapt to change. It also means being open to learning from the ups and downs of relationships,  improving  your ability to deal with complex emotional situations over time .

Emotional maturity remains an important component for building satisfying and lasting relationships, as it implies  individual and mutual growth  in emotional and daily terms.


Serendipity is  the ability to make lucky discoveries  or unexpected encounters, often when you are looking for something else or without having specifically planned the event. It is a concept that  suggests the possibility of finding something positive  or useful in  apparently random  or casually encountered situations.

Serendipity often involves an element of luck, but it can also be facilitated by the  ability to seize opportunities , keep an open mind, and be ready to accept  new and unexpected directions in life  or research.

Serendipity occurs when someone finds something good or interesting without specifically looking for it .

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